Where is Lead Found?

A list of common construction products that contain lead:

Paint: When surfaces that have been previously painted with lead based paints deteriorate, or are otherwise disturbed, the lead pigments can leech out of the paints. This creates a hazard to the environment in the form of lead dust and lead paint flakes that will eventually become dust.

Children have been known to ingest lead paint flakes (probably because they have a sweet taste). Many health authorities believe that the primary source of lead poisoning in children is the lead based paints in older housing, and institutions.

Other Products: Lead has been utilized as an ingredient or component in paints, cosmetics, medical preparations, glass, ammunition, plumbing solder, batteries, gasoline, and solder on food cans.

Lead abatement projects should only be performed by trained professionals who have the specialized equipment and experience to ensure worker, and building occupant safety by complying with the strict regulations, guidelines, and procedures established by the regulatory agencies.

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