About the HMA

The Hazardous Materials Association is a non-profit association of professional contractors, and other concerned organizations, involved in the hazardous materials abatement industry in British Columbia.  We are an organization dedicated to fostering the safe handling of hazardous materials, such as asbestos, mould, and lead during residential, commercial, and industrial renovation and demolition projects.

Our goal remains to provide our Member Contractors, and their employees, with the highest standard of specialized skills and safety training available. Our training is provided at the Finishing Trades Institute of BC in Surrey, and is a combination of classroom learning, and hands-on practical applications.

We believe that the handling and management of hazardous materials requires proven expertise and competence. Our Member Contractors are acknowledged professionals that are recognized for the high standards of work that they perform.

We maintain a close working relationship with the regulatory agencies and government bodies that have jurisdiction over the safe handling, transportation and disposal of hazardous materials. We collect and circulate medical information on the adverse health effects associated with exposure to specific hazardous materials and evaluate new technologies that will enhance productivity while ensuring worker safety and environmental protection.

Learn about hazardous materials on our Resources page, and check out our Vision.